Infrastructure Research and Innovative Solutions (IRIS)

The Infrastructure Research and Innovative Solutions (IRIS) division is an organization focused on delivering innovative, effective, and efficient solutions for next generation infrastructure



Nuclear Energy

The nuclear power facilities of tomorrow are designed to meet rigorous safety standards and for new application including Small Modular Reactors, Advanced Light Water Reactors. These structures require technology developments with a focus on robustness and constructability.
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Protective Structures

Protective structures including structures in combat zones, government buildings, and energetics facilities require additional structural design consideration and confirmatory testing. Structural innovations specific to these scenarios are develop, modeled and tested.
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High Rise Construction

High rise building construction represents a key sector for increased robust and time efficient solutions. Construction technologies for this thrust leverage performance-based design methodologies and constructability assessments.

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Offshore Construction

Offshore structures including wind turbines, oil refineries, and others represent difficult design scenarios with access and assessment constraints. Construction innovations and technologies. 


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